My Awakening

So I’ve decided to make a blog. I wanted to do something more with Lightseekers then playing and the odd tournament. This blog is just going to me speaking my mind and talking about Lightseekers TCG. I’ll have no format or model I’ll be following I’ll just be writing and talking about everything from decklists to just random cards that I wonder about. If you like my what I’m writing cool and if you don’t that’s also cool. This is my first attempt at a blog so I intend to just wing it as I go.

That said for this, my first post, I’m just going to speak about how I got into playing Lightseekers and a breakdown of what I have done since.

First Encounter

So my first encounter of Lightseekers was in August last year at Insomnia 61. I was there as an exhibitor, with the company I work for. Opposite us on the show floor was the Lightseekers stand. From when they set up on the Wednesday and Thursday, the artwork all over their exhibit stood out. The artwork for Lightseekers right from the beginning has been outstanding. Not only that the fact that the style has been kept consistent over so many cards. It wasn’t until the Monday which was the quietest day of the expo I was able to go over and see what it was all about. I managed to drag along 2 of my colleges as well to learn what it was all about.

Now my background in TCG’s isn’t great. When I was younger I collected Pokemon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. But being a kid at the time I never looked after the cards and never really got around to playing the games. The TCG I’ve had the most experience with prior to Lightseekers was Hearthstone. Now I think Hearthstone is a fantastic game and is a very high example of how to create a digital card game. I got pretty good at Hearthstone but only played casually. If Hearthstone had physical cards then I would have been all over that. Although I do think a physical version of Hearthstone would take away from the experience. But that is a conversation another time.

So back to Lightseekers. We sat down and played with there demo decks and was shown how to play by one of the Playfusion staff. The basic game mechanics were very easy to pick up and after a few turns, we were both able play a normal game. After 2 games I was hooked and Playfusion started to take my money. After buying a Dread and Mountain starter deck I was convinced to join the tournament that was later the same day. I went back to work and found some card sleeves and deck boxes at other parts of the expo and was looking after my cards from the start. In one of my first booster packs, I pulled a foil Xenith.Xenith Xenith, is now what I would consider a rubbish hero to use. Now, this may seem irrelevant, but because it was foil I thought “This card is shiny, it must be better than the one I got in the starter deck”, and then swapped my Tenebra for a Xenith. So anyone who has played Lightseekers for longer than 15 minutes would realise how stupid this is and would know how to read the passive effects on any hero. So I was heading into a tournament with a starter deck that I managed to make worse.

So I went into the tournament with my sub-par shiny hero Dread deck. The rounds were single elimination. My first round was against a guy playing a Nature starter deck. He had only just started the game 10 minutes before the tournament and was just opening his starter deck when we sat down at the table. This gave me more confidence knowing that I have had more time to mentally prepare than he has and that I had a super slick, shiny hero that surely he couldn’t beat. So the game was pretty short and sweat. He won without really knowing he had won. My downfall was that I had a crap hero and that healing in dread is quite particular and I had no idea what the best ways for me to heal were. So he went on to come like 3rd or 4th out of like 32 people that entered. My friend rubik_cube_man who also entered was knocked out first round. Despite getting knocked out in the first round I was left wanting more.

First Few Weeks

In the weeks following insomnia, myself and rubik_cube_man managed to convince a few of the guys in the office to start playing Lightseekers. We all were playing regularly in our spare time. We all started gradually buying more of the starter decks and the odd booster pack here and there. We even started streaming a game though Nerd Out Studios. We were one of the first to start streaming Lightseekers though twitch. As the weeks went on all of us in the office started to lose interest in it. The spark had gone. At the time not a lot was going on in the world of Lightseekers TCG. Around November/December time last year, we all stopped playing and very rarely played.

My interest came back when Lightseekers started announcing the cards that would be released in wave 2. The new cards paired with regional tournaments is what kickstarted myself and Rubik to start playing again. Mid-February was when we decided that we would go to the UK North regional tournament that was scheduled for March 10th in Manchester.

UK North Regional



So the time came and after learning the rules and collecting some more cards we were ready for the tournament. Now the lead up to the tournament was a bit of a flop. Every deck I played against Rubik’s Astral deck was just constantly losing. The morning of the tournament I just slapped together a Fish Singer Ushi Deck and hoped for the best going forward. When we got there we were a bit nervous. We made some small talk with different members of the community and made some trades before it all kicked off.




My first opponent was playing Dolo the Mighty. This was like the second game I had played with my patchwork deck and was still figuring out how the best way to play the deck would be. The first match was a 0-2 loss. Not great but I couldn’t help but feel I should have been able to beat him and that I just didn’t draw the cards I needed.



TreanuMy second opponent was a Scottish fella who had traveled a couple of hours to play in this tournament. I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to win any games at this point. He was playing a Treanu deck. This Nature deck was the strongest deck I had faced up to that point. In the first game, he was using some Spectral Web’s and Old Oaks to keep all of his buffs on the board. He won the first game. Now I don’t remember the deck I used but I remember swapping in like 6 cards from my side deck. This definitely helped me in the next game. I knew his plan is to play buffs and then hold them in play. I saw this and had buffSpectral_Web removals in my hand and played them early so he couldn’t play a spectral web with 3 or more buffs already on the board. This slowed him down but was still able to get out the Spectral Web‘s once they were out he could play buff after buff. At this point, it’s just a waiting game. I decided that I was going to go full aggro and try deal as much damage as I could and not worry about what buff he was playing. Luckily I was able to outpace him and win the second game. The third game went fairly similar to the second but was a lot closer come to the end and if I wasn’t able to deal a big damage combo I would have been beaten next turn. But to my fortune, I won the 2nd match 2-1.

Match 3 my opponent was playing Tech, I can’t remember what hero he was playing but he was playing slightly aggro with only a handful of buffs in his entire deck. Each game we played went on for a long time. He won the first game playing smart and some mind games trying to convince me he didn’t have good cards and telling me what buffs I should remove. In the rest of the games, I just ignored everything he said and played to my instincts and I managed to win the second game. The first 2 games took 20+ minutes each so we were going into the last game with less than 10 minutes to go. The game ended up hitting time and we had 3 turns each to be on the higher health. I think I had 1 card that could deal damage, I know I didn’t want to waist actions drawing cards that might be useless. What I did realise is that I could constantly heal every turn. So instead of taking him down, I healed up. He just didn’t have the cards to swing the health in his favour and I managed to win the 3rd match 2-1. This was a bit of a stale victory as I do think he had the better deck but time just wasn’t his friend.

Impex_the_InsaneI went into my 4th match 2-1 up overall. I managed to gain some confidence in my deck but realised I was starting to dip my toe into the deep end and had some games against some more stronger players to come. So match 4 was against the man himself Heroic Starfish. He was playing Impex the Insane. The way I would describe that he used his deck is passive aggressive. Now I’m not fully sure if that was the way he wanted to play it or if that’s just the cards he had and that’s how it ended up playing. In the first game, I could tell he was struggling for the right cards because he played very few and just kept drawing despite me hitting him with some big hits. He just sort of sat back for the first few turns and took all the damage I hit him with. To a point where I was able to get him down to 0. So in my own arrogance,Crystalcore I decided I would kill him with a Heroic Starfish, just for a little ironic romance for the moment. But what I didn’t realize after playing then cards is that he had an item in play and not just any item. A Crystalcore. This threw me off as I had never seen the card up to that point nor had I ever really played a good cross-order deck. So the Crystalcore went back into his deck and carried on. He then spent his next few turns healing and dealing me small damage. To which I had no response as I used a lot of my damaging cards to get him to 0. Within 3 turns he had his Crystalcore back in play and in 5 turns he had more health then I did. He then just chipped me away with 5 or 6 damage cards for the rest of the game until I was beaten. The seconds game went fairly similar but I never got him down to 0. Match 4 was a 0-2 loss.

Granite5th and Final match of the day. Going into this match 2-2 overall I knew win or lose I now couldn’t reach the top 8 so the pressure was now off to try to get that far. My opponent was Wakalakakashi rocking his Granite deck. Now I have some failed attempts at making a Granite deck but this one seemed to do the trick. The first game I didn’tKreebal_Jester know what to expect nor how to play. He managed to draw cards fast and quickly had an empty deck and a massive hand. I couldn’t do much at the point and just had to take massive damage after massive damage until he won. The 2nd game I swapped in a Kreebal Jester from my sideboard. With theExteria_Defender aim being that I would hold out with a Jester in my hand until he had an empty deck and then play the Jester to make him discard most of his cards. Once that would happen I would try hold out past his attacks and try to get him to deck out. Now, this happened and I went to play my Jester to remove a load of cards from his hand. But I made a mistake and forgot that he had an Exteria Defender in play. This canceled my Jester and my hopes of winning that game. The fifth match ended in a 0-2 loss.


Overall matches were 2 wins and 3 losses. It was a fantastic day and I loved every moment. I’ll cover this more in a future post but I loved every second of the tournament and regardless of the results I would highly recommend everyone to go to a local tournament or organized play or something. I learned so much from going to this tournament that it has made me a far better player and allowed me to meet some awesome people along the way.

Everything Else Up To Now

Because of the North Regionals, I was able to understand the power of cross-order decks and how I should build decks and play better. Since then the mythical cards were released and I will express my opinions on that in a different post. As well as the Heroic Starfish April Tornument that I attended but I will also cover that in a separate post.

I’m currently getting ready for the Heroic Starfish May Tournament on May 13th and the Last Chance Qualifiers for Nationals.

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