Sgt. Thunderfin… Whats the point?

So this was pointed out to me by rubik_cube_man, so the credit for spotting this should go his way.

One of the new rare heroes that came with the mythical wave of cards is ‘Sergeant Thunderfin’.

sergeant thunderfin

This a pretty good card that allows you to use a single unaligned card to help pay for a storm element on a combo. At first, this seems to encourage and Thunderfin decks to have more unaligned cards than usual. This isn’t a bad thing, I’m personally a big fan of unaligned cards and tend to have more in my decks then I perhaps should. Now all of this seems good a possible contender for any storm deck you might want to make.


What makes Thunderfin different to ‘Fish Singer Ushi’, a hero from awakening?


Ushi has a passive ability to reduce all combo costs by 1. This only effects the storm elements. Ushi to me is just a simpler and more resourceful Thunderfin. Both heroes have a starting health of 28, both are rare and both lack any superior elements. The only game changing difference is the passive ability. You could create a deck for Thunderfin and literally swap the hero for Ushi and have a better deck. The reason I say it would be better is that the card you would use to pay for the combo, regardless of if its a storm or unaligned card, would stay in your hand instead of going back to your deck. Having that one extra card in your hand after playing a combo could be the difference between winning and losing as It will save you an action later on.

So really what is the point in Thunderfin? Well, the majority of players will not have access to all the cards and as the game gets older and older there will be more cards to choose from. So if a player managed to pull this out of a booster pack then it’s still a good card to have and could make a fine deck. Who knows there could be changes to the games rules or more expansion into unaligned that might cause Thunderfin to become more threatening then it currently is. Personally, for now, I’ll always be using The hero Fish Singer Ushi over Sergeant Thunderfin.

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