The New Mythical Playmats

On April 18th, Playfusion announced the release of the mythical playmats and will be shipped on May 18th.

So these playmats are the first ones you can buy that have been made by UltraPro. I have one of the PAX East playmats which is the same quality and there is a noticeable difference. Not to say the quality of the old playmats were bad but these ones have a much finer print resolution so the artwork is much sharper than before. The feel of the mats as well is a lot smoother and I believe to have a higher thread count.

Also just a little niggle. Why do most of the playmats have a blue tint to everything? Including these ones there have been 4 playmats now were blue has been the dominant colour. Just pick another colour.

The Nooby Playmat


The only reason I call it this is because of the positional markers for where all the cards should go, as well as the order of play on the bottom right of the playmat. I do believe that these kinds of playmats are needed and helps newer players understand the game faster. That said I rather have a playmat that just had the health counter and artwork, but I guess that’s what the other 2 playmats are for. But the mat overall is a wonderful design with a blue tint over everything tying in all the heroes together nicely. The choice of heroes I think Is pretty balanced with heroes from Mythical and Awakening. The only hero I wouldn’t have on there is Zelana Bloodroot in the top left. This is because she has already been seen on a playmat before.


I see that Playfusion wanted a mythical hero amongst them but I think they could have used a different mythical hero instead, like Overseer Tuskrage.

The Shattered Earth Playmat


This playmat is one of the best playmats I’ve seen so far with a subtle cracked earth texture with a blue tint. Its also rocking a stylistic metal frame that I think complements this nicely. This playmat out of all 3 seems to be the one that will stand the test of time as there on no heroes on it and will not be “outdated” by future waves of cards.

Mythical Heroes Playmat


This playmat has to be one of the sexiest playmats I’ve ever seen. With an excellent choice of heroes from Mythical. Each order is represented by some phenomenal artwork. I just love the massive burst of colours all over this which makes it so appealing to look at. I look forward to seeing one of these with different heroes with each new wave of cards.

Exclusive Playmats

We have started to see some glimpses of event exclusive playmats. The first of which I saw at PAX East. Which uses the nooby playmat but has replaced Granite in the middle with the PAX East 2018 logo. Very subtle but very nice. I’m fortunate that a friend of mine went over to PAX East brought me one back. So I’m now one of the only people in the UK with a PAX East playmat.


This I think will be that standard for the next few big events with Lightseekers tournaments. The next of which in the UK will be the UK National tournament on June 2nd. I expect there to be one exclusive mat for the UK Games Expo and a different one for all the players that made it into nationals. An other for all players that make it into the top 8. There will also be a one of a kind playmat for the UK national champion. The winner of PAX East, Dratylis, received the winner playmat. This playmat itself looks horrible with the gold border and giant yellow letters in the middle. But it’s a one of a kind playmat that carries ultimate bragging rights. Who wouldn’t want this playmat?

Anyone wanting to buy any of these playmats you can find them at these sellers;

UK: Heroic Starfish

US: Delivery Crab

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