My View on Mythical

I originally posted this on the Lightseeker forums just over a month ago now but the traffic on the forums is quite sparse so I copied it changed a few things and now posting it here.

Build Up

So I started playing Lightseekers TGC back in August last year. I played a lot and then it slowed down to a point where I stopped playing for a couple of months. The announcement of the new cards at the start of February is what got me playing again with the excitement of new cards and how it might change the game.


I pre-ordered a box of 40 mythical boosters from heroic starfish wanting to expand my decks into the new cards and also maximize my chances of getting as many cards as possible and hopefully a few of the dual order hero’s. As the day came closer to the release I was realising that I might only pull 2 or 3 mythical heroes. Then the day of release came

Release Day

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my booster box until the following day. So while waiting, I watched a few unboxing videos. This is where I found that the pull rate for dual order hero’s was fairly low and also that there was going to be a lot of reprints from awakening mixed into the booster packs.

My Booster Box

overseer_tuskrageAt this point I come to terms with the low pull rate for a dual hero and that there will be reprints, even so, I was still fairly excited to smash through 400 cards. I was lucky enough to pull an Overseer Tuskrage from my booster box. But what I was fairly disappointed with is that around a 3rd of all the cards I got were just reprints from awakening all of which I didn’t need.

My Opinion

So the pull rates as far as I am aware are as follows; 1 Hero in every 4 packs, 1 Dual Order Hero in every 60 packs. So Play Fusion explained why hero pull rates are so low I believe those reasons are fairly justified but they overshot the mark by quite a bit. I pulled 11 hero’s in 40 so above average but 4 of them where re-prints from awakening so only 7 new hero’s 1 of which was the dual order hero. This, in my opinion, is far too low given that there are 152 new cards and 60 of the new cards are heroes. Play Fusion did say they are changing the rate for hero’s to 1 in 2 instead of 1 in 4 and dual heroes to 1 in 24 instead of 1 in 60. I do think this is good but I don’t think there was an issue with the 1 hero in every pack. I know not everyone will be like me and buy 40 boosters in one go but if I was to buy a couple of boosters from a shop I would like to know that there is a hero in every pack. I know there will be more duplicates the more you buy but I personally didn’t mind having 2 or 3 of a specific hero at least I still had a nice range of heroes to choose from. Whatever the balance from awakening was fairly spot on in my opinion.

Mossridge_DefenderSo the balance of all the action cards in Mythical was actually really good with the exception of the reprints. Now I understand and agree with Play Fusions reasons for including reprints in mythical, but does there need to be so many? I pulled 7 Mossridge Defenders, 6 Dusk Feeders and much more. Why on earth are there so many? They were added for new players but what about existing players? And more annoyingly there isn’t a single rare card in the reprints. I think Play Fusion should reduce the number of reprints to at least half of what it is now if not more and increase the amount of hero’s back to 1 in 1. This I believe would be much more satisfying for all players when getting booster packs. I have no idea whats in store for wave 3 of the cards but I hope that the rates of cards are a lot better and please do not include reprints. When buying 400 mythical cards I was hoping to get 400 Mythical cards, not 273 mythical and 127 reprints from awakening. Also, why do the reprints have the little ‘2’ on the card next to the image? It’s not a new card just a reprint. This makes it confusing to distinguish the difference between the 2 waves for new and existing player. I know this currently doesn’t change the way the game is played but it’s just a little thing I have found annoying.

All of the aforementioned is why I’m now fairly reluctant to get more boosters any time soon. I find myself looking at singles sellers a lot to get the cards I want and need. But given the vast amount of reprints and lack of hero’s I feel single sellers have been deterred from restocking as often. Single sellers are a key part success for any TCG and I feel like this has been a small deterrent for them.

So I know a lot of this has been fairly negative but I just want the game to succeed and grow more and more. Everything else about the cards I think is amazing. The artwork is stunning and all the new cards have been weighted perfectly and add great new styles of play to the game. I cannot wait for wave 3 and I still continuously play and collect as much as I can and go to what tournaments and organised play events I can.

So since I first wrote this post, Playfusion have released the new pull rate booster boxes and have now been distributed to retailers. I’m not 100% on which might still be selling the old boxes but the one place I know you can rely on getting a newer box is Heroic Starfish. It’s where I have been getting all my Lightseekers cards for a while now, they restock regularly and are the first to get any new Lightseekers swag. I plan on getting another booster box in the next few weeks so will cover that in a separate post.

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