DECK LIST: Anzi the Mender

Heads Up – I don’t claim to be an expert nor am I the best at deck building. I make a fair amount of decks and I am often inspired to make them based on 1 card or a play I’ve seen in competition. This is merely just for fun and what I would choose for a deck or what someone else has chosen for a deck. These decks aren’t always for tournament use and can just be fun to play. I have often found that the best decks to play with would not go very far in a tournament. Please comment and give me your opinions and let me know what you might change or do differently.

At the Heroic Starfish April Tournament, there was a lot of the normal decks you would see Dolos, Sicarios, Treanus and a mix of other heroes. The one that stood out to me bar far though was a deck played by Fira who overall placed second. He played a buffy Anzi the Mender deck, playing Tech in a way I have never seen with some really big plays. The following deck is not identical and is what I would choose to play with the cards I currently have in my collection.




Now Anzi has always been a hero I just overlooked and didn’t think that she would be very useful with any deck as I had told myself the only effective way to play tech would be aggressive. This is a fairly aggressive deck but by using buffs not attacks. When played against Fira using this deck I had never seen so many buffs on the board for a tech deck. It was a little overwhelming and hard to figure out how to react.

Anzi has a superiority in Mechanical and her passive ability hits your target for 1 for each Mechanical buff you play. This immediately encourages you to play as many mechanical buffs as possible. So before the release of all the wave 2 cards, I don’t think this deck would be anyway near as effective as it uses a lot of cards from Mythical.

Dealing Damage

So the key damaging action cards within this deck is the Gearcrank Catapult and Crumbling Tower. Both of these are Mechanical buffs so playing these would immediately deal chip damage when played. Both will spin around and deal some good damage. As they both start of clunky corners, you could time your plays so all of the damage sets of in one turn which in any situation should immediately swing the game to give you the upper hand. The main downfall with these cards is that the Gearcrank requires you to have three or more buffs in play. This shouldn’t be an issue as there are a lot of buffs in this deck covering defence and healing that will help spin the buff. The Crumbling Tower also has the downside that after dealing 7 damage you’re in for a dealing 7 damage to yourself next turn. These 2 cards on their own aren’t great but really come more powerful when used with some other cards in the deck which I’ll come back to soon. I only added 2 Towers because of the high self-damage and I think 2 of them and a Colossi Cannon is a good balance. Colossi Cannon is always useful in a tech deck playing buffs if you can take the damage, 11 damage is a big hit you would rarely see on a single action card.

The only other damage action cards in the deck is a single Bone Chewer which can easily be played to deal 6 damage and two Tyrax Mercenaries for 5 damage each. When originally creating this deck, I just had three Bone Chewers but I found my deck lacking Time and Explosive elements so I placed in two Mercenaries instead to allow me to have the 5 damage guaranteed and to help pay for some combos when I would be running thin on cards.

Recycling Buffs

Now, this is what makes the deck quite powerful. I added 5 different cards; Tinker Bot, Warp Toad, Fountain of Time, Clockwork Construct and Warden of Time. All of these cards are aimed to be used with the 3 damaging buff to constantly return them to your own hand or recover them from your discard pile or just wind them back.

I would try to play a Warden of Time once I have a few cards in my discard pile, especially if my opponent has removed some buffs early on as I would want them cards back in my hand or deck. The second I would try play after the first one has triggered as I can use the second one to bring back the first one to my hand as well as a used buff. This will allow me to play Warden of Time more than twice. If I know my opponent has used all of there buff removals I’ll just return 2 cards to my and leave in the first warden of time.

Tinker Bots come in very handy and would allow me to draw cards as well as returning cards in play that might be about to expire back to my hand. I only carry two in the deck as I like having more variety to how I can recycle some of the cards.

Clockwork Construct I’ll tend to use later in the game to swap a buff that is about to expire for one that I need.

All five of these cards are key to reusing cards and will allow you to play a Gearcrank up to 6 or 7 times if you wanted. You can also use these recycling cards to get the recycling cards you have used back. This style of play can really throw off your opponent as it shouldn’t matter how many buffs they try to remove as you can just get them back and play them again and again. This way also helps to stop you from decking out and losing by running out of cards.


At first, there doesn’t seem to be a massive amount of healing within this deck but recycling just 1 or 2 of these cards back from the discard pile I have found to be more than enough healing. The Tyrax Fixer and Emergency System are cards I find adding to almost all Tech decks I make. It doesn’t matter what your playstyle is, 7 healing is always a good thing. The Regen Chamber, being a Mechanical buff was a no-brainer. This could give you a lot of healing as the game progresses forward. I often use Regen Chamber to force my opponent into attacking me. I know that sounds odd but if I think they are drawing cards for a combo or if I have some damage reduction out then Ill want them to use them cards taking up there actions and cards. Which is a price a lot of people are willing to pay just to stop you from healing for 2 every turn. The only other healing card in this deck is a Tyrax Engineer. Having a hero that has superiority in Mechanical allows this to be played really well. This card has a possibility of healing you for 12 in one action and also gives you the added benefit of seeing the top 4 cards in your deck. This card with this deck is a win-win situation. The only time this wouldn’t pay off to full effect is if you healed for 3 or 0. It’s a risk but for a potential 12 healing, it’s definitely worth playing when on lower health.


Now no deck is without some buff removal cards. This deck only carries two Crazed Bombers. The reasoI’veve only chosen two over three is because this deck is meant to be played aggressively. Meaning you are more than likely going to have some of your own buffs in play and by playing a Crazed Bomber you would need to remove some of your own cards. This isn’t always a bad thing as you could remove a crumbling tower just before you deal 7 damage to yourself. Playing a Crazed Bomber is always time situational and might mean you need to wait for a few turns before playing one. Ramparts is always a good little damage reduction card to have and helps chip away at your opponent while they attack you. The Bulwark Carrier is what I would use as a last minute hope for defence. If I can tell my opponent is about to play a big combo or hit me with a few big attacks then I’ll play this just to delay them and can give me the time I need just to counter their attacks. It is also effective to use if a Crumbling Tower is about to hit me for 7 damage. Late in the game, I would need to avoid damaging myself as much as possible. This deck also carries a Forge Wall. This isn’t vital to any key play but just gives you that extra little cushion when below 15 health. You could swap this out for a Crystalcore or Ramparts, but I find a Forge Wall works quite nicely. It also gives the added benefit, if drawing late game, to help pay for a combo.


Combos are pretty much always one of the most important parts any deck. These five combos work beautifully with each other and the rest of the cards in the deck. The key theme with these combos is big damage and repeat. Empowering Implant, Smart Bomb and Nuke all have big hitting damage. Any of these followed up by Duplication could help line you up for a one turn kill. If you managed to get any three of these lined up to hit in the same turn as a Gearcrank, Crumbling Tower or a Colossi Cannon then play Duplication. Your opponent is going to have a hard time recovering from that. Playing any of these on there own are just as good triggering big hits across the game. Minefield is the odd one out but is a fantastic little combo buff that can deal a lot of damage and just be a pain for your opponent to deal with. All these combos help pay for each other allowing you to use minimal action cards as possible when playing these combos.

Side Board


Sideboards are only needed for competitive play but for the sake of it, I’ve made one. I would sideboard in Celerity if I know my opponent is not carrying many buff removals or if they keep stopping my other combo buffs dealing big damage. I would play Celerity to get as many action cards in play as fast as possible and try and outpace my opponent. I would side in the Steel Fortification and Umbron Brute if my opponent is also playing aggro. This should be able to just give me that little bit of extra defence and slow down their attacks. Kreebal Monks I think are currently a must have in tournaments to stop  Sicario decks for using their abilities. I would try and first bait my opponent to use their buff removals before playing these as it will be instantly removed if given the chance but using Kreebal Monks will stun Dread decks for a while. I don’t often make a side deck without a Kreebal Jester and Umbron Informant. These will be sided in if my opponent is drawing a lot of cards like in a Treanu or Granite Deck. I’ll also try and play and Informant immediately followed by a Jester to give me the upper hand. Sneaky Kreebal and Kreebal Saboteur will come into the deck if my opponent has a lot of damage reduction which is stopping me from dealing a decent amount of damage. These will just help bypass there damage reduction. The Kreebal Raid Party will come into the deck if I’ve added a few unaligned cards to give some extra punch to some attacks.

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