The Major Issue with Toy Exclusive Cards

Skip this bit if you know about Toy Exclusive Cards. Just a bit of background first for the newer players. So Lightseekers TCG was released inline with the release of the Lightseekers mobile RPG. The Mobile game could link with real-world toys that would give you buffed characters and weapons in the game. Almost all of the sponsorships to Youtubers was all about the mobile game and the toys. All of the toys also came with an exclusive card that can be used in the TCG. These cards are either Hero or Items cards matching the toy it came with.

The Problem

As with a lot of toys and games, not all the toys were released at once. The play was that the toys will be released in waves as time goes by and the Mobile game gains some success. So the release wave and wave 2 of toys were released. But the mobile game has lacked the success it needed to spur a quick release of the rest of the toys and currently, Playfusion has no timeline to release the rest of the toys. This also means that the exclusive cards that come with the toys are also not available. Here are the cards that have been released and are currently available to buy.

Toy Cards

So as you can see, the majority of these cards are mostly Storm and Tech. Pretty good. A decent amount of cards there. But there have been 11 Toys that haven’t been released yet and these are the cards that go with them.

Toy Cards unreleased

These are all the Nature and Astral Toy exclusives as well as the rest of Mountain and Dread. These cards currently are unobtainable and the only cards of these that I know exist all live in the Playfusion office.

All the heroes are good but I doubt you would see them much in competition. But the Items are a different story. There are 18 different Item cards you can get from Awakening booster packs, 1 for each element in each order. These are all the same and just give you a superior element access. But all the Items in the Toys are a step up providing abilities to the player which takes the game to a new level.

flynamoNow the only way to get these cards is by forking out some money and spending a few quid just for one card. Some cards are definitely worth it like Crystalcore and Flynamo and they are currently seen a lot in competition and would sell on the singles market for around that price anyway. But for the other Toy cards, it’s just hard to justify spending so much just for a card you know isn’t worth that much.

I hoped that come wave 3 that they would reprint all of the Toy cards and add them to the wave 3 boosters. We now know this is unlikely as there are only going to be 8 reprints in the wave 3 boosters, I assume all wave 2 cards. A little disappointing.

moon_pearl_maceWith there being 11 cards that are all currently unobtainable, it makes it difficult to create an effective cross-order deck with Astral or Nature as the second order. It’s hard to say how effective these cards will be in competition but if these 11 cards were available, then there may be a bit more variety to tournaments than the Dolo and Sicario decks that make up most of the top 8 decks. I would love to create a storm deck that had a Timberstrike, or a Tech deck with a Moon Pearl Mace. Wierd combinations that probably wouldn’t work great for competitions but just fun to make and play around with.

Playfusion has said that there currently is no timeline for the rest of these unreleased toys, also I get the feeling they are not manufacturing the existing ones anymore as I am slowly seeing more and more retailers selling the toys go out of stock and failing to restock. So if you’re tempted to buy yourself a toy for the card I would recommend doing it sooner rather then later because as time goes on I imagine that it will become harder and harder to get your hands of these cards.

I can’t imagine that good folk at Playfusion are just ignoring this issue. I do think they may have some secret plans to distributing these toy exclusive cards by other means. I think there should be some sort of promo box or metal tin for each order that will contain all the toy exclusive cards (possibly foil) for that order as well as some cheeky boosters. I think these will sell like wildfire if released and becomes a fantastic collectable. Currently, the only limited edition type of cards you can get are from entering tournaments. Not everyone has the means to make it to a tournament so having something like this available for retail would be fantastic. Hopefully, we will see something soon about an alternative way we can get these cards.

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