UK South West Regional Top 8 Deck Lists

On May 6th Lightseekers had another regional. This one was the UK South West Regional in Bristol. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to this regional tournament but I was watching the results like a hawk through my phone all day. The very first thing I heard from players that were there, was that there were a lot of players playing Sicario and Dolo. Now I had a sneaky suspicion this might have happened, due to decklists like this one being posted around the internet a lot of players want to make the top 8 and get that invite to nationals. This seems to have a lot of players playing similar decks and kind of seems to work given the top 8 decks.


4 Dolos and 2 Sicarios in the top 8. No surprise there, but a Granite and Cassini in the top 2 was not something I was expecting. Granite has faded a bit since wave 2 of cards came around but he has proven to still be a solid hero to use. Out of the 4 UK regionals, Granite has 2 wins, Sicario has 1 and Treanu has 1. Dolo seems to be the most consistent hero always making the top 8 and threatening any opponent. Cassini is the one that comes top here for me. Cassini has dipped her top into the top 8 of many competitions and almost edging the win at this regional as the final finished 2-1. Top marks to urawizard for making this deck and almost making 1st place.

I’m only going to be talking about the top 4 as that will cover all the heroes in the top 8. If I talk about 5th – 8th place I think ill just end up repeating myself but I will still show the deck lists.

1st Place – Granite – Harasiel

Harasiels deck was a Granite deck like I had never seen. All the granite decks I have seen in the past, including my own, have all been about drawing cards as fast as possible to have an empty deck. This deck seems to be more for the longer game with Ancien Miner being the only card that helps draw cards faster. The deck is only carrying 3 action cards that can deal damage, a Spinblade 3000 and two Shattered Volcanos. All other damage is from combos. This deck seems to be purely defensive and plays the long game when drawing cards and the deck packs a lot of healing. There are also two Geode Hatchlings, which I think are underplayed in tournaments. These will help bring back some Ancient Miners or a Mountain Fort allowing to replay cards. The one card that took me a minute to realise its power was the Spinblade 3000. Its description is “Attack Ability: 2 damage. Increase this by 1 if you’re holding less than 3 cards. I thought when will you ever have less than 3 cards in your hand late game with Granite. I then realised that it’s not played for the if statement but just for the 2 damage. This will then deal 7 damage per hit when the deck is empty. This I thought was genius and something I felt a little stupid for not noticing it before. This also helps if someone plays a Kreebal Jester when you have your entire deck in your hand and might need to stretch out your turns and having a Spinblade it perfect for that. This deck didn’t make it all the way through the tournament without a loss though. Harasiel lost to Cosmo during the swiss rounds. A solid pat on the back for Harasiel for this quality Granite deck, I suspect we will be seeing a few more Granite decks in competitions now because of its success.


2nd Place – Cassini – urawizard

So Astral decks are a bit of a funny one for me as I’ve never been able to make an effective Astral deck. I’m so happy that urawizard has come through and proved that Cassini can be used to beat some of the best decks out there. It’s hard to distinguish a certain playstyle as I wasn’t there to see how it was played but this deck is just a solid deck with many plays. There seems to be a good balance of damage and healing just like a Dolo deck and the constant threat of a Blackhole will always be looming over Sicario decks. Urawizard also lost in the swiss rounds to Edward


3rd Place – Sicario – Cosmo

Cosmo manages to take his Sicario deck all the way to the top 4. I witnessed first hand what its like to play Cosmo and his Sicario deck when playing at the Heroic Starfish April Tournament. Although there were a few changes he’s made going into this regional, in my eyes, this was the deck to beat. Eventually loosing out to urawizards Cassini deck in the Top 4, Cosmo made it all the way through the swiss rounds and up to the Top 4 undefeated. This deck is all about abilities and a lot of small damage. This carries 2 Warden of Time which means there is no real worry about if a buff gets removed as you can just return it back to your hand and play them again. With Leeching Scimitar, Flynamos and Sicario, this deck is never short of abilities to use triggering Abyss Weavers and Abyss Tentacles. Now there is what I would call some filthy plays in this but very very clever. I’ve seen this deck against a Tech deck and get knocked drown from a full 35 health to 1 in one turn. The response from Cosmo? Use a Wall of Bones and Sicarios ability to play 2 Soul Traders for 14 healing, then on his next turn use a warp toad to return them to his hand and play them both again for another 14 healing. That paired with Devourer leave more than enough healing for this deck. If you want to read more about Cosmos tournament experience, he has his own blog where he talks about his day and his experience here.


4th Place – Dolo the Mighty – JaegerNoon

In 4th Place came the winner of the first regional of the season, JaegerNoon. Jaeger is the only person I know of that has attended all regional tournaments so far. Twice he’s played Granite and twice he’s played Dolo. Jaeger is fantastic at making decks and you can see some of his deck building videos here on his youtube channel. His Dolo deck is a solid deck with a lot of consistency with 2 or 3 of every card. I love decks like this and has almost pushed it to his limit by only having 11 different action cards in his main deck. Having a deck like this allows you to have consistency when drawing and knowing you will always draw a good card. This kind of deck can be boring to play as you are just playing the same cards over and over again but for tournaments, I find that consistency is always key. This deck also fell short and was beaten by Harasiels Granite deck.4th

5th Place – Dolo the Mighty – James Bird-Hall


6th Place – Sicario – Edward


7th Place – Dolo the Mighty – AndrzejGrzonka


8th Place – Dolo the Mighty – TheRedFlash


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