Yesterday Playfusion announced that come May 14th there will be some minor rule changes. The major rule change is the rule regarding the side deck in tournament play.

Old Rule – A side deck can consist of 10 cards and only combos and unaligned cards can be used in the side deck.

New Rule – A side deck can consist of 9 cards and can include all action and combo cards with the exclusion of Item cards. Heros and Items cannot be included in your side deck.

I read the news post that Playfusion put out about this like 6 times over and then realised that this is amazing! I wasn’t expecting any new rule changes until wave 3 drops in August. I think Playfusion wanted to do this now instead of waiting, is so the rule would be in place for nationals in 3 weeks and allowing players to play some games and get used to the new rule change. I hope this will spur on players to play some funky decks and take on the Dolos and Sicarios in tournaments. I don’t think this will change a lot until wave 3 comes but this definitely helps players cope with a large variety of decks.

The only floor I see with this rule change it keeping track of what cards were in your side deck between matches. But that’s it. This rule change is an amazing difference that is only small but I see going a long way.

There was also another set of rule changes that were glazed over concerning Draft tournaments. I am yet to play a draft game so my knowledge on the type of game rules isn’t amazing.

Here is a link to the new rules that will be in effect as of May 14th.

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