Heroic Starfish May Tournament

May 13th marked the 2nd monthly tournament hosted by Heroic Starfish. The first one in April had a fantastic turnout and this month was even better with around 20 competitors. This month saw some experienced players but also a few new players that were willing to get stuck in. Top marks to Aaron (AKA. Cosmo) for helping out all players there with deck advice and giving tips to all the newer players.

sunhunter_tuktuThe whole thing was perfect again. The day started with an hour of trades and banter as always. The Heroic Starfish shop was open for business and ready to go. I bought 5 Mythical boosters and 5 Awakening booster and managed to pull a ‘The Ancient’ and a ‘Tantosian Blacksmith’. Pretty good, but only took me 5 minutes before The Ancient was traded for a Sunhunter Tuktu, as I already owned an Ancient.

The build-up to this was well practised, spending the day prior, testing with my friend Luke (AKA. rubik_cube_man), fixing side decks and testing our mains. I decided to use my Dolo deck again I know it’s overused atm but I had made a few changed I really wanted to test out and see if it would make a better deck. After a late start to the tournament we were paired up and ready to go.

Round 1 – Lexi – JustCabal

Loss – LL


I had faced Cabal the month before with a Lexi deck. I wasn’t too worried about this game as it was the first game and I managed to beat him 2-0 last month. This month was totally different. He took away his Lexi deck which was plagued with random items all the time and refined it down to just carry 3 Items. The first game he managed to get out all 3 of his Items pretty early, Crystalcore, Forgewall and a StormshellThis slowed me down and I was hesitant to attack as much as I normally would. His constant damaged reduction and use of Tyrax Fixers made it really hard to keep him below 15 health. I struggled to draw my own healing cards and before I knew it I was beaten. Game 2 went pretty much the same.

Round 2 – Impex the Insane – Mini Starfish

Win – WWL


The second round saw me playing my first starfish of the day. I know Mini is still getting into the game but she knew how to play her cards well. I could tell she made a few mistakes a few times but that didn’t stop me from panicking. Both games I was below 10 health when I took the win. the second game as even tighter. Fortunately for me, Mini Starfish double passed instead of using the crazed bomber in her hand to remove my Draga Scorcher and Colossi Ritual Site. When it came back to my turn she took 9 damage which took her out. If she had removed my buffs there wasn’t much I could do as I was only on 3 health and no other damage or healing in my hand, she would have taken the second game. Even though I had already won 2-0, I asked to pay again to see if she would beat me in a game as I was curious myself and both games were over in like 15 minutes so we had plenty of time. As the pressure was off for me to win the round I tried playing slightly differently trying to draw more often to build up to a bigger attack. This didn’t work as I was taken down to 15 and then was hit with a Shatter Blast for 14 damage. I was stook on 1 health and only a Rickety Mine to heal myself. I had some damage but not to take her out. She took the 3rd game. There is a big future for Mini Starfish in the game of Lightseekers.

Round 3 – Tempuz – Heroic Starfish

Win – LWW


Round 3 came and I was facing my second starfish of the day. I had faced Brendan before at the Manchester Regional he cleaned me there with is Impex deck. Although he was using a different hero, this time I had an inkling that his playstyle would be the same. Round 1 I just went for it and tried to deal as much damage and keep cards in my hand. After he had used Tempuz to bury a few cards I could tell he was building up to attack. He played some Bombing which I was able to remove. Quite quickly I had him down hovering around 10 health but he had a crystal core in play. I needed to take out his Crystalcore and take him to 0 in the same turn. I must have sent back his Crystalcores 4 or 5 times. All while he had a Bombling waiting to trigger and a Colossi Ritual Site to increase to the world of pain he was waiting to play. I decided to pass and take the damage coming as being on 19 health I thought I could take the 9 damage. But stupid me forgot he would be playing two attacks which were good enough to take me out. Brendan took the first game.  The second round was similar but I wasn’t making the same mistake. I felt like his main play was the OTK play he got me with the last game so dealt with his Bomblings and Ritual Sites with Crystal Leeches or rotating them 1 step forward with my Flamechained Warrior. I also played an Unruly Mob and a Kreebal Decoy to slow him down more and with his own buffs in play, I knew he would be reluctant to use a crazed bomber to remove them. I was able to get him low enough to take his Crystalcore and the game in the same turn. The 3rd game was fairly similar to the 2nd. Fishing the 3rd round 2 – 1 up.

Round 4 – Sicario – Chunchules

Win – WW


Round 4 and I was facing the guy who came 4th in last months Starfish Tournament. I had anticipated that I would be facing a Dolo or Sicario at some point. The first game I rushed him and removed the buffs he played as soon as he played them to try to stop his healing and attacks. This worked great and was able to get him really low and take him out fairly quickly. The second game was similar but he managed to get out more buffs and heal which made a longer game but I was able to stop him from playing too many buffs and too him down with a Magma Blast.

Top 4

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the top 4, but my friend rubik_cube_man did after an awesome run of wins with a Fish Singer Ushi deck. The top 4 also saw Miss Starfish and Fira again who made last months top 4 as well as Hindae who was the only one undefeated going into the top 4. Miss Starfish pulled through this time and game 1st being the first Dolo and Girl to win a Tournament that I know of, although I’m sure Dolo will have won before.

1st – Dolo the Mighty – Miss Starfish


2nd – Anzi the Mender – Fira


3rd – The Ancient – Hindae


4th – Rubik_cube_man



So I aimed to win at least 3 games and hope to get into the top 4. I did get my 3 wins but because I lost the first round it left me short of making the top 4 coming in 7th place. It is a little annoying but there isn’t much you can do to about who you play. I was happy overall with my performance there are going to be a few changes to my deck and with the new side deck rules now in play deck building has become a whole lot more different. My next tournament is the Last Chance Qualifier the day before nationals hoping both myself and rubik_cube_man can make it to nationals.

Being a Starfish Tournament it would be wrong without telling you to check out the Heroic Starfish Online Store at www.heroicstarfish.com. They are the UK number one sellers for all things Lightseekers and amazing prices.


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