Wave 3! My Predictions and Whats to Come

So with the build-up to the National Tournaments in the UK and the US, it’s easy to forget that Wave 3 is not too far away from being released. 2018 has already seen the release of Wave 2 called Mythical and was released on March 20th.

What Do We Already Know?

So we know wave 3 will be revealed at GenCon in America over 2nd to the 5th August and will then be released August 7th. I think it’s awesome they are releasing the cards so quickly after they are revealed. Wave 2 released at least a card a day until all 152 cards had been revealed. Although I loved seeing a new card every day it was almost torture seeing all of the cards and not being able to use them. With Wave 3 having almost twice as many cards at 291 cards, revealing these cards over time would take far too long and would need to start revealing cards now. Another thing we know is that there will be some new rules and maybe some changes. On some of the cards from Wave 2 and some of the reprints of Wave 1 cards have a small symbol to the bottom left of the image. I’ll come back onto this later and what I think they are for. But these symbols and new rules may be another reason why they will be revealing all of the cards over a few days as I suspect that some of the cards may give away some of the new rules. The only other thing we know, thankfully, is that there will only be 8 reprints of older cards in Wave 3. Reprints did and still do plague Mythical booster packs. So to have only 8 reprints in a blessing from Playfusion. There have also been a few sneak peaks as some artwork that will be use in Wave 3.


What Kind of Cards Will There Be In Wave 3

So I think there will be at least another 6 Cross-Order Heroes but I suspect that they will release 9 Cross-Order Heroes to complete all 15 possibilities for Cross-Order Heroes. I don’t think we will see any more Cross-Order combos though and think wave 3 will be all about the heroes. While on the topic of heroes I also think there will be another 8 heroes from each order. This would be inline with Wave 1 and Wave 2 adding a total of 48 new heroes.

On to items. So Items are often overlooked and the standard ones you get the Awakening booster packs are very rarely used. The only useful items are the exclusive toy cards. You can read more about Toy Exclusive cards here and my opinion what they should do. So quickly, the issue with the good Item cards currently, is that half of them are unobtainable. Now I don’t think that there will be Item cards in Wave 3 but I’m going to include it in my predictions anyway as a wild card. I think there will be 18 Item Cards, 1 for every element. I think they will all be rare cards. The costs will be a mix of 1 and 2 points. These items will finally give the access to Astral and Nature in Cross-Order that I know players have been waiting for. So fingers crossed, hopefully, we will see more items in wave 3.

I think there will be 8 combos for each order. No idea what they will be just a nice mix and balance created by the good folk at Playfusion. Why 8? well with there being only 3 combos from each order I feel like there is a need for some more combos in Wave 3 to make up for the lack of combos in Wave 2.

I predict there will be another 10 unaligned cards. Just a happy compromise between the size of Wave 2 and Wave 1. Then the rest of the cards would be split 6 ways between all of the orders at 24 action cards each.

So the vigilant amongst you will notice that all of the cards I have mentioned added up don’t total 291, but instead total 277 and leaving 14 cards undeclared. So my radical prediction for wave 3 is that there will be Unaligned Combos. This is a big guess but this is something I have wondered about before the release of Wave 2. My belief that this would be a thing intensified when the release of Wave 2 came out and some of the cards had symbols to the bottom right of the image. These symbols currently mean nothing and don’t affect the game but we do know that they will come into play when Wave 3 is released. So with that, I am saying the last 14 cards will be Unaligned Combos. Here is the breakdown of my predictions.

  • 9 Cross-Order Heros
  • 48 Heros
  • 18 Items
  • 48 Combos
  • 10 Unaligned
  • 144 action cards
  • 14 Unaligned Combo Cards

Banned Cards

Nature_A_PollenWeaverWhen wave 3 I would be surprised if there weren’t some banned cards. I have no idea what cards may be banned. I do wonder if there is a possibility that a hero would be banned from tournament play but I don’t think that would happen. I would, however, would love to see Nature be revived since Playfusion banned Pollen Weaver and nerfed the power mechanic, Nature has been left behind and has quickly moved from being one of the best orders to use to one of the worst. I do think Pollen Weaver, as it stands, should stay a banned card. I know a lot of players believe it should be unbanned, but it was quite an overpowered card that other orders didn’t have an equivalent.

Some Balancing

I do think that there needs to be some more balancing across the orders. Mountain, Dread and now sneaking in Astral are proving to be the most popular orders to use for tournament play. Nature was killed by the rule changes and banned cards from Wave 2. Storm and Tech have seen Top 8’s but nothing outstanding like your Sicarios and Dolos. I want to see some more heroes that can compete for the top spot.

Why I Think It’s Important to Keep Things Fresh

There is a lot of directions that Playfusion could take Lightseekers. It’s too hard to predict what they will do to the game to keep it fresh. Lightseekers is already a game that is fairly unique and rapidly growing. It is important that Playfusion keep up fresh ideas regularly adding new rules and mechanics to the game. I don’t want Lightseekers to ever get to a point where they are almost in a deadlock with rules and the only new things that come into the game are new cards.

Let me know what you think and if you agree with what I have said or let me know your own ideas for what you want to see or what you think is coming for wave 3.


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