Spoiler Sunday: Wave 3 is called Kindred

So this is going to be the start of a weekly topic for the next 8 weeks. Every Sunday, in the lead up to wave 3 being released Ill be making a post about everything I can find on the new wave of cards and show all of the spoilers they will reveal. Playfusion posted out on all their social media the name of Lightseekers wave 3.

I cannot begin to explain how hyped I am about this. I didn’t think we would be getting some teaser information so soon about wave 3, but I’m glad they have started. This will hopefully lead to regular spoilers about the card set, new rules and other weird and wonderful things to come.

Before we move on to some other spoilers I want to talk about the name Kindred and what I think it means. So the names of each wave will always have some tie with the set of cards being released. So with Awakening, it was the first set of cards. With Mythical, there was the release of Mythical Heroes. So Kindred is quite a good one as it doesn’t let onto a lot. So just to find a pure definition for Kindred I googled it.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 16.40.06

So basically, it’s all about relations and bonds between each other etc. Thier are many ways you can describe it but I believe this will mean 1 of 2 things. First thing is that there will be a massive focus on cross order and not only will there be more Mythical Heroes, but there will also be new cross order combos between all the orders. The Second thing and my personal favourite are Unaligned Combos. I’ve mentioned this before in My Predictions For Wave 3. These would be combos that use the small icon at the bottom left of some card images that were released in wave 2. Also having a combo that could require 2 Kreebals and a wind element card. It’s quite strange for a theory but I like it and I’m sticking with it. Now moving on.

Playfusion also updated their banner on twitter and facebook to reveal some new artwork and characters.

So this banner looks awesome to me a good range of characters. The first thing I noticed was that all the characters look like they can all be from dread. Now I think this is highly unlikely as I don’t think Playfusion would use 3 characters from the same order to tease us. The character on the left was first seen at conventions in America as part of the Lightseekers stands across the pond.

New Art 2

Now straight away and still to this day, I believe this will be a new Mythical Hero. All the colours and styles point to this being a Nature/ Dread Hero, but we already have this in Zelana Bloodroot. Now despite all the green in the background. I do think the guy on top is a Noxin, which means one of the orders must be Dread. He is also carrying a bloody scythe. Now the beast that he is riding looks fairly demonic and would fit in perfectly in Dread on its own. I’m pretty sure that this is a Draga, which is seen in the cards Draga Scorcher and Draga Hunter. So unless I’m completely wrong and this is just a new dread hero I believe that the beast is from the Mountain order and has a lot of similarities to the animals and creatures in Mountain. So if I’m right, this is a new Mythical Dread/Mountain Hero.

On the picture number 2. This character I saw for the first time at the UK Games Expo last weekend and is part of the stand Playfusion uses.


Now as you can see the backgrounds on the two images are very different. The yellow background on the header image is nice, but just like the last image, I think the colours have been changed to look more visually appealing for Twitter. One thing I do know about this card, this is NOT A HERO! This was a surprise as most people I spoke to at UKGE all thought that she would be a hero. I know this isn’t a hero as during the final at the UK Nationals I found myself less watching the games and more nagging Jacob and Benny at Playfusion for spoilers. One thing Jacob did tell us is that this is not a hero. So with that, I’m not too sure on the order this character will be apart of. But this still leads me to believe that its dread, maybe a combo or rare action card… your guess is as good as mine. That said, with the feather in her hair and that she doesn’t look quite like a Noxin she could be part of the Astral order.

So character 3. I believe, this had not been seen anywhere else before. Again at first site, if you were asked to put this character in an order, I bet you would have said Nature or Dread. But I don’t think so.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 16.11.08

Now I do think this is in part a Nature card. The wood grains and natural flow of the card all points to Nature. But the mask and horns on the characters face do make me lean towards Dread again. So now I’m going to go full nerd and do some in-depth fan theory. So for toughs of  you who don’t know much about the lore of Lightseekers, there are 9 main races within the game;

  • Everock – Mountain
  • Noxin – Dread
  • Oakthorn – Nature
  • Yikona – Astral
  • Mari – Storm
  • Tyrax – Tech
  • Chimchu – Unaligned / Astral
  • Kreebal – Unaligned
  • Umbron – Unaligned

So this may seem irrelevant but each race within themselves can be quite varied but there are key elements that are consistent. Like the number of fingers. From this image, you can see that they have 3 fingers and a thumb. The only races that fit this are; Oakthorn, Mari, Tyrax, Everock and Chimchu. Now from there, I think I can rule out Everock and Chimchu as the character in no way resembles a bird and doesn’t have rock-like skin. I’m fairly sure I can rule out Tyrax as well as nothing in this image says Tech to me. Which leave me with Mari and Oakthorn. So nothing in this really scream storm at me either but Mari also has a lot of runes and ritualistic elements in their race, which is what I do see a lot of here. So maybe on an off chance, this is a Storm/Nature Mythical hero or maybe just a vanilla Nature Hero. Or none of the above. I know this is all out there and a bit mad but it’s all for a bit of fun.


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