Spoiler Sunday: Decks, Boosters and The Digital Game and More

So it has been a very busy week for me as I have been moving house. But that hasn’t stopped me from keeping up to date with all the latest spoilers and gossip. This week has been full of great things Playfusion have shown us some great new things to come.

Constructed Decks

On Tuesday, Playfusion announced these awesome decks. So this is something I hoped they would do and release new decks with the release of wave 3. This is coming at a perfect time as any new players wanting to get into the game can now have a deck that covers all 3 waves of cards. It may be hard to tell from the picture I’ve posted below but the text right at the bottom says. “Featuring the best of Awakening, Mythical and Kindred. This shows that they will all be mixed decks across all 3 sets of cards. After talking to different members of the Playfusion team through Facebook and Discord, these decks are not starter decks and are more suited for advanced play. The starter decks are pretty good to start with so this can only be better. I think this will also help show players how Playfusion think some decks can be created with the new set of rules coming.

New Constructed Decks

The first thing that caught my eye with these is the artwork. The artwork looks stunning and I can’t wait to see all of the cards in Kindred. Another thing that most people picked up on and that caused a lot of speculation is the number of cards in the box. The box says there will be 48 cards in the box. Now immediately that didn’t add up. There was a lot of chatter about if the deck sizes were going up or if the booster sizes were going to be bigger or if the decision to include a sideboard of some kind. We now know that the extra 12 cards on top of the deck will be a Kindred Booster pack, with the booster containing 12 cards, but ill come back to that soon.

Now, something that wasn’t talked about that I managed to pick up on is the names of the decks and the icons each side;

  • Nature – Insectoid Infestation
  • Storm – Beastly Brawl
  • Dread – Undead Uprising
  • Mountain – Elemental Engagement
  • Tech – Robotic Rumble
  • Astral – Chimchu Conflict

So these icons were leading up to something and from wave 2 cards you could tell that that most were to do with the race of the character on the card. Now all the icons you see on these boxes are not exclusive to that order. Most insect cards are in nature but there are also some in Storm and other orders. So could this be a new way to go cross order? Or will there be cards that boost of having played so many cards of a certain type? Who knows? Hopefully, we will know sooner rather than later. Another thing to mention is the Chimchu icon. Now, this icon currently doesn’t exist on any of the cards that were printed with wave 2. So all Chimchu cards will either have to come from Kindred or they will be the 9 reprints that are expected to come with Kindred. Also, just a quick mention that there are also 4 other character in the background of this image that can be easily missed. If you were to ask me what my favorate deck here was, it would be mountain so far. The Character on teh front of the box looks awesome, an Oakthorn Mountain hero makes me ver excited. I could talk about these all day but there are more things I need to talk about in this post so moving on.

Sleeves and Deck Boxes

On wednesday I saw in one of teh faceboox groups that an american store ‘Queen City Gaming’ had pre-orders avalible for Lightseekers branded sleeves and Deck Boxes. Im not too sure if these were ment ot be revealed yet but they have been so now im showing them here. The Sleeves and Boxes are made by ultra pro and look pretty good. Now I dont think I’ll be buying these as I love playing with a pain coloured sleeve. I do think these are some great desines though and will be great at convensions to sell to new players needing some much needed protection for there new cards.

New Deck-Boxes and Sleeves

Booster Packs

This was my favorate spoiler of the week as Playfusion told us alot about kindred and what to expect with some of the cards. On Thursday Playfusion annouced the infomation about the Kindred boosters and that they will now consist of 2 extra cards and now extra cost. These extra cards will be a Common and Uncommon. So the new boosters will look like this;

  • 6x Commons
  • 3x Uncommons
  • 1x Rare
  • 1x Hero or Combo (Any Rarity)
  • 1X Foil Card (Any Rarity)

At first thoughts this seemed like we would end up with even more duplicates until I read on. So something I didnt actually realise was that in Awakening and Mythical was that there are an equal amount of common, uncommon and rare cards. This has now been changed for Kindred to all of players to collect more cards they need without buying loads of booster packs. Now I still think I will have alot of duplicate cards and dont get me wrong I’ll happily take 12 cards over 10 every day. But does this make the rare cards now more rare or does this make the common cards less valuble? So the rarity breakdown of Kindread is as follows;

  • 106x Common
  • 88x Uncommon
  • 88x Rare
  • 9x Mythical
  • Total – 291

When I first saw these I was super excited that there will be 9 new Mythical cards. I’m fairly confident in saying that these are the other 9 Mythical heroes. But someone on the facebook group did question it and suggested that they might not be Heroes. Although Mythical Combos or Items would be awesome I still think that Playfusion need to release the rest of the Heroes first and complete that set of Heroes.


Digital Card Game

On friday we finally got an update on teh digital card game. Max, one of the Playfusiomn team. Posted on the Lightseekers forums on the status of the game you can see that post here. The post basically says they will not be ready to release on June 15th as planned and are now trageting to release at the end of July. I agree that if a game needs more testing and more time to have a more finished product then they should. Their is nothing worse then playing a game that has had alot of hype just for it to be a disapointment. Most people are excited for the release of the digital card game but not everyone is. For those of you that don’t know me, I make a living as a Game Developer so I am very looking forward to this game and seeing what they have done and what features they have added. That said the digital game will still be second to the physical TGC, I love going out to tornaments and playing with people face to face. The digital game will be for when I want a quick game before bed or playing on my lunch break or testing new decks before and event. It’s all to come and very exciting times for all things Lightseekers.

We know there will be more spoilers over this next week so check back next sunday for another Spoiler Sunday blog post.


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