Spoiler Sunday: The Family Has Landed

So this past week we have seen some more spicy spoilers and they did not disappoint!

Family Symbols

So Playfusion announced what the new symbols on some of the cards are all about. They are called family symbols. Which would explain why the name of this next wave of cards to be called Kindred. So all 10 family symbols and their names were revealed to us with much excitement.

family symbols

I think we could have all guessed what each of these was called before this was shown to us on Tuesday, but it’s still good to know what they are actually called. So this on its own isn’t actually big news, but, Playfusion decided to reveal 2 new cards from Kindred to give examples on how the family symbols may work.


So my first impressions of these cards are that the artwork has been stepped up a level. The art on the cards are stunning and I can’t wait to see the rest of the cards in Kindred. The family mechanic seems to be working in a way I hoped and just giving that bit more depth into the game and strategy. On both of these cards have the Location family symbol on and seem to be support cards used to increase the effect of some other cards. I do believe that Location cards will be dominantly supportive because of this but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other cards that help buff Location cards.

So there has been a lot of chatter and theories behind how far into the game family symbols can go I am going to specifically talk about 3 of these as I believe that they are what most people will believe to be a thing.

Now my favourite, of course, is what I’ve been calling Unaligned combos but I guess now I can call them Family combos. So these combos would require both elements and family cards to play so, for example, you could have a combo that would require Wind, Water and Location to play and could be paid for with any Wind and Water card separately, as well as a Location card regardless of the element of the card. Or, you could use a card like Vortex Plains as shown above to pay for both the Location and the Wind part of that Combo. This theory I have been with ever since Mythical was released and we first saw family symbols. That said, I’m expecting that this will be something we see in a future wave of cards and not in Kindred. I think Kindred will all be about action cards and the effects on some Heroes and Combos just to get the mechanic introduced into the game for now and then expand on that mechanic later on in a future wave of cards.

Another theory that is out there is Heroes were one of their elements will be replaced by a family symbol so you could have a hero that has Fire, Robot and Crystal. I don’t think and I really hope this will never be a thing. Purely because the point of the Family mechanic is to give the game some more depth. Using family symbols as elements would be counterproductive and wouldn’t give the game as much depth as I would hope. I know this kind of contradicts my Family combos idea but the combos are more about paying with types of cards not treating the card as an element.

Onto the 3rd theory, family Items. So I’m a lot more in favour of this than the Heroes thus leaving me in mixed feeling about this. Ultimately though I don’t think family Items will be a thing. The reason I’ve mentioned this though is that we now know that Tantosian Blacksmith and Weapon Master will be 2 of the 8 reprints in Kindred (I’ll come back to more reprints later in this post). So Playfusion mentioned that going forward that want these 2 cards to be more accessible to newer players so it is not necessary to buy loads of Awakening Boosters in hopes of finding one. But someone mentioned that maybe its also because there may be family Items. This is something I never thought of before and thought it is a strong possibility. I do think it’s just as likely that there will be new Items in Kindred, but after talking to some of the staff at the UK Nationals I didn’t get the impression that new or reprint items will be coming soon.

Before I move onto the reprints coming in Kindred there is one last thing to mention about the new cards. So I guarantee almost everyone missed this on their first time looking at the 2 cards revealed. At the bottom of the cards, where the copyright for the card is. There is also a card number. YES! They finally added card numbers. It’s something so small that wasn’t spoken about much but it’s a very welcome addition to the new cards. Looks like I’ll be having to reorder my cards come to the release of Kindred.


The second spoiler of the past week was revealing the reprints we will be seeing in Kindred. Thankfully all of the 8 reprints are cards are useful and might see its place in a few different decks. The first 6 cards shown are exclusive cards you could only previously get from the starter decks. So I won’t be pulling 7 Mossridge Defenders from my new Kindred Boxes in August. These aren’t all of the exclusive cards from the starter decks but we have been told that the other will be coming in future releases. Having these cards in Kindred Booster packs isn’t the only benefit as they have also added family symbols to all of them and this now also means we can get these cards in foil. So now for all the foil collectors out there, you can be 6 cards closer to having your complete collection. These reprints also seem to have card numbers at the bottom which means that out of the 291 cards in Kindred only 283 of them are new cards.


The other 2 cards that will be reprinted as I have already mentioned in this post is Tantosian Blacksmith and Weapon Master.


Other Images

So on top of all of this. More retailers have started preorders for Kindred. With that, I poked my nose around at the images and to my delight, there is a lot of artwork on the display boxes we haven’t seen before and here they are for you.



Make sure you jump in now and get your pre-orders for Kindred in now. HeroicStarfish.com are doing weekly giveaways for everyone who put in some pre-orders. Come back next Sunday for some more spoilers and stupid theories on Lightseekres.


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