Kindred Card Reveal: Arcane Investigator

So I was lucky enough to be contacted by Playfusion to reveal one of the new Kindred cards and here is it ‘Arcane Investigator’.
This Gravity Buff really seems to be about deck control. If you want to have a sneaky peak at the top of your deck before deciding the rest of your turn you can at no extra cost to taking up an action. When playing this card or using its Defend ability you gain an additional action so this just seems to be an actionless card. This paired with other cards in Astral means you can now string together even more cards together in a single turn. But its always worth keeping track of what you have played as these actions are not unrestricted. Meaning if your hero doesn’t have superiority in Gravity then you won’t be playing another Gravity card in the same turn as this. Also worth mentioning this is also a new Chimchu card as well which is looking like a must in Astral decks going forward.
What do you think of this new card? Would you play it in your deck? I look forward to hearing everyone’s opinion on this card. Check back on Sunday when I post this week’s Spoiler Sunday and talk about this card and all the other cards that have been revealed this week.

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