Spoiler Sunday: So Many Cards!

So this is coming a little later in the day than normal as my life has been so busy. But when I have had a chance to breathe I’ve been playing the awesome Lightseekers Digital TGC BETA. It’s not too late to join just make an account on the Lightseekers website and download the Lightseekers companion app and make sure you have news and notifications turned on then you will be in with a chance of getting the Beta to try out for your self.

So I’ll keep this short and sweet as there have been so many cards reveals this week its mental. If you missed it Lightseekers asked me to reveal a card and I did so here. Playfusion started revealing cards from Tuesday this week and started with a news post on 2 of the cards we will be seeing in the new Astal Pre-Constructed deck. Showing us the Hero and an awesome Rare buff.


Star Tamer seems to be a really strong hero from the start with 31 starting health and superior in Gravity. But this hero really seems to pack a punch with its Ability, Allowing the player to shuffle there hand back into there deck and draw the same amount of cards again. All Kindred cards aside. This is a super strong ability to have with Flying Fortress and Yikona Archaeologist. But with some of the new Chimchu cards, this has become very intense and has a lot of potentials. These cards were revealed as part of a news post which also revealed the decklist for the Pre-Constructed Astral deck. I’ll leave a link here for that article and decklist.

I don’t want to start talking about how some cards will play with others just yet as we only have a handful of cards and we still don’t know some of the new rules yet. But I will mention my favourite card of the week. So my favourite card of the week that was revealed was the Vilebrew Hexer. This new Kreebal Dread card I can already see being added into a lot of dread decks turning your opponents healing received into damage is massive. AND!!!! It’s got a clunky corner! So unless it’s removed, your opponent will think twice before healing. This I think will also be a must for Dread side decks. It will help deal with Emergency Systems and your opponent will have a hard time stopping it.


So with that out of the way here is the rest of the cards revealed over this past week!

TelestanPriestGuardHowlerTelestanProtectorFeatherStorm-1LoyalFurhornSuntopGalleryTelestanPurifierArcaneInvestigatorVoltVandal-1Mudslinger-1FearlessDiver-2KreebalWarcrier-1Impatient SchollarKreebal Pyromancers

There will be no spoiler Sunday new Sunday as I will be away. So it will be a Spoiler Monday or I might just roll on 2 weeks of reveals for 2 weeks time. But until then.


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