Spoiler Sunday: A two week catch up

Oh boy, there have been so many cards revealed since my last post. I had to miss last week as I was away but now I’m back and there is a lot to talk about.

Firstly as there have been so many cards reveals I won’t post each card hear as Lightseekers already have a dedicated page to reveals which you can see here. Amongst all of the cards revealed the decklists for the new Pre-Constructed Dread, Nature and Storm Decks. These decklists seem very interesting but its still early days on how they will play as not all the cards have yet been revealed.

So I’m going to talk about a few cards that I think stand out and some which have come along last minute to surprise me. The first of which is Stamped.


This Combo will go really well in a deck with Vine Lash and Sacred Aura as they perfectly pay for each other. This also fits in perfectly with all of the new kindred cards at there as a lot of nature support from Insectoids and Beast families. Being able to play 4 cards in a row will overwhelm the opponent and will put them on the back foot it is also a great combo for getting you back into the game. We have all been in the situation where we have started with an awful hand and you seem to be spending your whole game on the defence trying to catch up. This will bring you straight back into the game.

The next card I think is worth a mention is the Watchcrest Traitor.


This may not seem all that interesting but it’s the first and currently the only non-item action card that isn’t in a family. Every other Attack, Buff and Defend card has been aligned with a family. Although this card isn’t part of a family it still plays into the family mechanic requiring the player to play Umbron cards to gain the effect from the card. This is some simple draw support for dread and with clunky corners, you can take your time over a few turns to gain its effects.

The next card has my favourite artwork so far which is the Royal Wind Runner.


The art on this card as well as all of the other cards is stunning. But this card really stands out to me. I can’t wait to own this card and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in foil. The effects seem fairly particular which I don’t think are great. But that said there are two effects on this card. The first makes all of your opponents Beast and Insectoid buffs dormant. This seems very targeted at nature but there seem to be cards from all families in every order so playing this may be a bit of a stunner for your opponent. Now the second effect I first read wrong. I thought it rotated beast buffs one step forward once they entered play but one one beast buff rotates when this card enters play. Although it is a stunning card I don’t know how much play this card will see just yet.

Moving onto something I am very excited about which is Items. We have been blessed with new items. This was something I had predicted months back in this blog post. I was about to write of Items and thought that I would need to wait until wave 4 with a chance of seeing new Items. But to my surprise on Friday we saw the reveal of the first Kindred Item, Cresent Scepter.


This is the first ever Atral Item (With an ability). I have waited so long for good items to be able to cross into Nature and Astral and now with Kindred, we can! The reveal of this card on the Lightseekers TGC facebook group was shortly followed up by a bit of a cryptic clue for whats to come.

Item Bait

This confirmed that there will be at least another 18 Items that will be in Kindred, one for each element. But the most interesting thing about this image is that the top left corner of this jumbled card is Unaligned. This shows that Unaligned items are on the way. This came at a time when everyone thought they knew what was coming in kindred. There was talk about unaligned items once families were revealed but most people thought these items would give you access to a family. But form the card above the space is empty where the elemental symbol goes. This leads me to think that unaligned Items will give you extra support with an ability or a passive effect. I expect these to be a little bit more powerful than order Item cards as these won’t give you access to an element. It’s also worth pointing out that this was the first Tech reveal for Kindred as there is still yet to be a card reveal for tech.

The final card I am going to talk about it a new Mythical Hero, Grand Architect Halvar.

Grand Achitect Halvar

It’s nice to see a new Mythical hero were the single order element isn’t the healing element. This leaves it really open-ended to the number of combinations of Mythical heroes that can be done, and that’s only using two order heroes. Imagine triple order heroes? but that seems a way down the line yet. It’s very curious that only Explosive combos are increased as that doesn’t give many options to use for combos without using items to gains access to some other elements. We really do need to see other cards to see how good this Hero can be but I’m looking forward to making some decks with him.

Moving on from the card reveals there was also a news post about the new erretas and banned cards come to the release of Kindred. Dolo the Mighty has been nerfed but not banned and come August 7th you will now take 3 damage instead of 2 when using Dolos ability. Time Worm, Spirit Gate and Reality Riff are now joining the Burn club and will become burn cards. Wind Controller and Tantosian Blacksmith have also been erreta’d to allow for more clarity going forward. With card updates come some bans. Tyrax Engineer and Sunbeacon have joined the exclusive ban club as well as everyone’s favourite Item Flynamo. These are some big changes but some needed ones, in my opinion, all of the changes needed to happen and create a more level playing field going forward.

Last of all we have been given the new rules that will be in effect as of August 7th which you can see here. You can read the news post here about the new and updated rules here.

Check back next week for another week of spoilers!


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