Spoiler Sunday: A Tech Invasion

So this week has been filled with Tech cards everywhere. Pretty much every card that has been revealed has been Tech with the exception of 3 cards. If you want to see an update reveal page you can go here.

So let’s start things off by rolling of the Mythical that was revealed Last week ‘Grand Architect Halvar. HalvarSo Halvar increases all Explosive combo damage by 3 when you have 6 gravity cards under your hero. Explosive being the only tech element accessible. This really only left Overwhelming Blast which would damage for 14. You could have also used the Astral/Tech Dual Combo Star Blast. Star Blast will be a must-have card in Halvar decks being just a 2 cost combo giving a 14 point health swing and if Halvar is increasing the damage that that turns into a 17 point health swing. Now, these 2 combos were the only combos that would gain a benefit from Halvar without needing an item to access another element. But then came Blast Sequence.Blast-Sequence-1 Blast Sequence will be such a powerful card with Halvar. When played this would be dealing 8 damage from the gate. You may need to be a little savvy on your damage reduction but played right this combo could deal 26 damage to your opponent. Now, this is crazy to have such a high damage output from a 2 cost combo buff. I can’t wait to use this card in play not just with Halvar but with other Tech Heroes, Old and New.

Next card I want to talk about is a super funky little card called Unstable Scavenger.UnstableScavenger

Now this card has so much going on I had to take a minute to process what was going on. So this card provides card draw, damage reduction and damage to yourself. This is a great example of a card that offers a high reward for high Punishment. As the damage isn’t until the last corner of the card, this already seems like a card that will be constantly recycled to abuse its benefits. With the use of Tinker Bots, Warp Toads and Fountains of Time. This card I think will see a lot of play. It’s also by far ther best solution for card draw when playing tech and any sort of additional card draw for tech is a dangerous situation for the opponent.

Moving on to some hand size punishment. The new Unaligned card Battering Ram will hold off many players carrying large hand sizes. BatteringRam

This card I think will find its way into a few side decks. damaging the opponent from having a hand larger than 6 cards. With clunky corners, the only way to avoid this damage is to keep a low hand or remove it. If I play this card it would be to bait out my opponents buff removal cards. If they don’t remove it then they have a decent amount of damage coming there way.

Now onto my favourite card of the week the Zerenkov Cannon.Zerenkov Cannon

This card poses so much of a threat and is ready to deal massive damage from an action card. I don’t think you can have this in your deck without fountains of time or at least a way to spin your buffs forward. I wouldn’t want to play this card with the risk of a combo buff expiring or being removed. Once this and a combo buff is in play then I want this card to get to its last corner as fast as possible. It will take some clever plays to get this card to pay off but I will be experimenting a lot to see what deck and plays this card works well with.

Amongst all of the card reveals we have been shown a new Mythical Hero again and this one I am very excited for.Nemi the Venomous

This Hero has control written all over it. The first thing everyone has been talking about is having a Putrid Shaman in play to increase damage and have a 4 corner poison buff such as Draga Hunter. and then play a combo to spin the Draga Hunter forward dealing increased damage on every corner.

The dream play at the moment for me is playing a Putrid Shaman and Draga Hunter in one turn for 1 damage.

Play another Putrid Shaman and another Draga Hunter on the second turn for 7 damage.

On the third turn, the buffs in play will rotate to deal a total of 14 damage. Then play Burst of Venom. This will trigger Nemi’s ability first allowing me to rotate the second Draga Hunter to its last corner dealing another 14 damage. Then Burst of Venom will take effect. I would then remove both Draga Hunters from play to increase the Combo damage up to 12 and then being increased by an additional 5 with the 2 putrid shamans in play dealing a total of 17 damage. This would total 45 damage on the 3rd turn alone and 53 damage over the 3 turns. This would be a difficult play to pull off but shows just the potential for what is possible with this hero.


Come back next week for another Spoiler Sunday and there will also be an other blog post during this week, starting a new series of posts called Lightseekers 101 these will look into each set of cards and give a detailed break down on what there is to know about each wave of cards and Lightseekers as a whole.


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