Lightseekers 101: Awakening

Welcome to the first of a series of posts that will give all the information about each Wave of cards that you need to know.

What is Lightseekers?

Lightseekers started with a Kickstarter campaign back in late 2016. Lightseekers was much more than a trading card game. In Playfusions words, they described Lightseekers as, “A groundbreaking action adventure role playing video game that seamlessly connects smart action figures, physical trading cards, comics, and more“. Upon release in July 2017, all of this came to life and to the public with an RPG mobile game, Augmented Reality Trading Cards and Interactive Toys, all of which were connected through the mobile app allowing for a greater playing experience the just another mobile app. Lightseekers got off to a lightning start

What is Awakening?

Awakening was the Premiere set of cards that were released with the RPG version of the game back in July 2017. The main focus for Lightseekers on release was all about the RPG and the toys and the trading card game was almost secondary providing support for the game. But the popularity and love for the TGC grew and before the release of Mythical the tables had turned and Playfusion had started to really focus on the TGC and placed the RPG version of the game on the back burner.

How many Cards are there in Awakening?

Officially there are 372 different cards in the Awakening set. I say officially because the original intention was to release 386 cards. But because the focus shifted over to the TCG some of the toys that were originally meant to be released meaning the exclusive cards that went with them toys were also unreleased. Thus making the 372 cards we have available today. All cards can be obtained in matte and foil with the exception of exclusive cards that can only be obtained in matte.

Which cards are Exclusives?

As the case with a lot of TGC’s, there are some exclusive cards with the set that you can only obtain in 1 way. There are 5 exclusive cards for each order that can only be obtained through purchasing the starter decks. These cards all consisted of an exclusive Hero, exclusive Combo and 3 exclusive action cards. These are the exclusive cards for each order;


Astral Start Exclusive Cards


Dread Start Exclusive Cards


Mountain Start Exclusive Cards


Nature Start Exclusive Cards


Storm Start Exclusive Cards copy


Tech Start Exclusive Cards

There are also exclusive cards for each toy that was released. These cards were either Item cards or Hero cards. Because not all of the toys were released that means that there are only exclusive cards for Dread, Mountain, Storm and Tech. For more information on the toy cards and which ones were not released check out my other post here talking about toy exclusive cards. The toy exclusive cards are as follow;

Toy Cards v2

Although all of the exclusive cards are only available in matte there are exceptions. Between April and September 2018 Playfusion released organised play kits which encourage shops and game clubs to arrange their own events. Each month would represent a different order. For each month the play kit would provide a playmat with an image of the hero from that orders starter deck, 4 Foil Starter Deck Heros and a bunch of starter deck exclusive combos. These can all be played for and won at a game store near you. If you have missed your chance of getting these cards or even the playmat there are a few floating around that some people might be willing to trade. There is still some hope for the rest of the exclusive cards as there is a chance that they will be reprinted in future sets.

Are there any limited cards?

Appart from foils there are 2 cards form awaking that have alternative art that is very hard to get your hands on. The first is the card ‘Unruly Mob’ this card has the colour stripped away only leaving a sketch of the artwork. These cards could be obtained by attending a Regional or National Qualifying event in 2018. All attendees received one of these. It’s hard to gauge how many of these are in circulation but if you don’t already own one keep an eye out for anyone willing to trade theirs as they will be harder to find as time goes on. This version of Unruly Mob was also available in foil which was awarded to anyone who made the top 8 of a Regional or National Qualifying event. There are a lot less of these in circulation. There are only 48 Foil Unruly Mobs available in the UK. I imagine there are a few more in the US but these will not be easy to find and will be worth a lot going into the future.


The second card which also has alternative art is the card Stone Scribe. This card can only be obtained by Visionaries and can be bought with visionary points. I can’t see there being a lot of these around but they are a very nice card to have. If you want to know more about what a visionary is and how to become one and earn one of these yourself then you can follow this link here. Now, this is where the realms of mystery come in as I know for a fact that this version of Stone Scribe exists in foil. The only reason I know that it exists because I was present when a team member from Playfusion awarded one to a member of the community for his unparalleled effort in promoting the game. This card is like gold dust and I think there will only ever be a few at best in existence.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 20.04.43

How are the cards broken down into each order?

Here are all 372 cards broken down into Rarity and Card Type;


Total – 162 Rares – 111 Uncommons – 109 Commons

Astral – 25 Rares – 17 Uncommons – 17 Commons

Dread – 23 Rares – 17 Uncommons – 17 Commons

Mountain – 21 Rares – 18 Uncommons – 18 Commons

Nature – 24 Rares – 18 Uncommons – 17 Commons

Storm – 26 Rares – 17 Uncommons – 17 Commons

Tech – 25 Rares – 18 Uncommons – 17 Commons

Unaligned – 3 Rares – 6 Uncommons – 6 Commons

Cross-Order – 15 Rares

Card Type

Total – 46 Heros – 99 Combos – 32 Items – 53 Attack – 33 Defend – 109 Buff

Astral – 7 Heros – 14 Combos – 3 Items – 9 Attack – 7 Defend – 14 Buff

Dread – 8 Heros – 14 Combos – 5 Items – 5 Attack – 6 Defend – 19 Buff

Mountain – 8 Heros – 14 Combos – 5 Items – 11 Attack – 3 Defend – 16 Buff

Nature – 7 Heros – 14 Combos – 3 Items – 7 Attack – 4 Defend – 19 Buff

Storm – 8 Heros – 14 Combos – 8 Items – 9 Attack – 4 Defend – 17 Buff

Tech – 8 Heros – 14 Combos – 8 Items – 6 Attack – 6 Defend – 18 Buff

Unaligned – 6 Attack – 3 Defend – 6 Buff

Cross-Order – 15 Combos

Which are the most desirable cards from Awakening?

This one can be quite opinionated but without a doubt the two cards that most players want there hands in are Tantosian Blacksmith and Weapons Master. Both of these cards reach into the cross order abilities of play for the game. Almost every player will have a Tantosian Blacksmith in ther deck or side deck when playing a cross-order deck and Weapon Master is almost a must have side deck card. Both of these fetch a decent price and anyone looking to better the playing skills will want there hands on one of these.

Weapon MasterBlacksmith

How are Awakening cards sold?

All of the Toy Exclusive cards can only be obtain when buying the toy. These toys have now been discontinued and are selling out fast so don’t hold out buying these and get your hands on some before the price rises or they sell out.

You can buy starter decks for each order which are a fantastic way for getting into the game. Starter decks are worth buying as they contain some of the best heroes and combos. The decks on there own aswell hold there own in any battle.

As any good TGC cards can also be bought in booster packs. Each pack contains 9 cards broken down into the following; 1 Rare, 1 Hero, 2 Uncommon and 5 Common.

These booster packs can be bought on there own or super boosters which contain 5 booster packs or for the hardcore players you can get your hands on a full booster bo which contains 24 Awakening booster packs.

Where can you buy Lightseekers Cards?

The game is currently only distributed in the UK and North America but we are only months away from European distibution. You first point of call should alway be your local game shop. You should check out your local store and see if they have the game in stock. If not you can always talk to them about stocking the game. Lightseekers is repidly growing and they wont regret getting on the lightseekers train early. Shops help grow your local community and the game aswell. If there isn’t a game store near you then there are always online retailers dedicated to sellign Lightseekers cards. If you are in the UK I highly recommend using They always have stock and have fantastic customer support. They sell all things Lightseekers from cards to accessories to cover all of your lightseekers needs.

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