Spoiler Sunday: It’s Almost Time!

This week Playfusion have picked up the pace and have had 4 news posts this week, kicking things off with the reveal of the new Mountain Pre-Constructed deck. The new mountain deck is rocking the new hero Cinderbranch. This hero encourages the aggressive fire cards that comes with Mountain. Spotting 31 starting health and an ability to deal 2 damage if you have played a fire card this turn. Like all the other Pre-Constructed Decks I can’t float a valid opinion of this deck yet as I don’t know what all of the cards do yet. But to have a glance at the new Mountain deck List look at the new post here.


The next news post was about the cards in Awakening that have all be assigned, families. This is dues to the fact that these awakening cards will not be reprinted in kindred and will all need to be assigned to families going forward. There are some awakening cards such as mountain fort that wasn’t on this list but that’s because it will get a reprint in the mountain deck. So here are the following cards that have been added to families from awakening.

Beast CardsChimchu CardsElemental CardsInsectoid CardsKreebal CardsLocation CardsMachine CardsRobot CardsUmbron CardsUndead Cards

The 3rd blog post was not really Kindred related but the digital version on the game was finally released and made its way out of Beta. The main thing to note from this though is that all Kindred cards can be scanned into the app but will not be available to use in the game until later in August. So you can secure your cards but not use them in the app on release. I will be making a blog post very soon reviewing and giving my thoughts and opinions on the Digital App.

The 4th News post and a nice segway into the card section of this post is the Location cards that were posted. As always here is a link to all the card reveals for Kindred so far. So there are 4 cards this week I want to talk about the first of which is Lava Tamer. Now Lava tamer, at first sight, looks average and it might well be but this allows you to look through your deck for a specific card. Now, this may be a little useless as it only allows you to look for a Fire Elemental card. With less than 3rd of the cards still being revealed its hard to say how useful this will be going forward but this gives the player a lot of control. The only card similar to this prior Kindred is Tantosian Blacksmith.


Now this next one is a biggy. We know kindred is coming with some new Item cards. What they are yet we are still to find out but currently, there are only 2 ways to unequip an item from your opponent and that is with Crushing Blow which you can only use in Mountain or using a Weapon Master. This changes it all now with the instant removal of an item using a simple uncommon attack. Granted that it only removes Items that don’t have superior elements but all the items that this card can remove are currently the strongest Items in the game. This for sure will find its way into almost every side deck in future tournaments.


Next card is the big one and the Mythical Hero of the week Bloom and Scorch. With access to Fire, Forest and Soul there is a dangerous amount of potential for this Hero. Some of the cards that I think stand out that we will see in a lot of these decks are;

  • Draga Scorcher
  • Flamefist Umbron
  • Tree Sprout
  • Spectral Web
  • Mossridge Defender
  • Old Oak

This is without even looking into kindred yet. There was also the new 4 cost combo which is made for this hero called Tree Whispers. This combo prevents all Forest action buffs from rotating. This combo paired with old oak is a lethal combination which will allow you to play a filthy amount of buffs that your enemy cannot remove.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 17.50.07

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 20.39.15.png

Next week will be a crazy Spoiler Sunday as I try to keep up with Playfusion releasing the remaining 200+ cards at GenCon. It’s only 9 days now until Kindred is released. Make sure you get your orders in now at your favourite retailer. HeroicStarfish.com


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