Spoiler Sunday: The Cards Have Arrived!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. This week there is not much to report on. The US National tournament is underway. The 2-day event is now in its second day and had over 40 people attend. At Gen-Con where the US Nationals are held, players are able to get there hands on the new kindred cards. It has been all over social media and discord with people showing off there new cards and where they were able to pull. The digital app was also updated, adding a Ranked mode which truly allows players to fight off against each other. This update also allowed players to scan in there new Kindred cards into the app. This meant that all the new cards could be seen in the app. So I did something that was a little dumb but I knew people would want it. I loaded up the app on my iPad and took a screenshot of every new Kindred card in the app. I then cropped and uploaded these to my blog and you can see all the Kindred cards here. I was so overwhelmed with the number of new cards I haven’t had the chance to go through them all and absorb them in.

The only major bit of news is that there was a mistake made in the printing process and we will no longer be seeing Tantosian Blacksmiths or Weapon Masters reprinted in Kindred. You can read the article here all about what happened. One really exciting thing to mention though is the mention of something called Rift Packs. Now, this was very briefly mentioned but these will be small packs which will contain a few boosters and now have a chance of having Blacksmiths and Weapon Masters. These packs will also contain some items that were never released from Awakening such as some of the Toy exclusive Items from Nature and Astral that never made it to market.

Check back next week for the last Spoiler Sunday for a while as I wrap up all my thoughts and opinions on the new cards and what I want to see next from Lightseekers.


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