Kindred: One Month On

As many of you may have noticed yesterday marked 1 month since the release of the 3rd wave of cards for Lightseekers, Kindred.  I’ve been absorbing in the new cards, deck building and talking with people about the new cards and weighing up my own opinion on how good the new wave of cards is.

The Product

Playfusion have been on the ball and listened with the communities feedback from the release of Mythical back in March this year. Now I really was not a fan of how Mythical was released. Although I loved the cards, the number of reprints was very aggravating and the pull rate for heroes where shocking. Granted, Playfusion later reprinted Mythical booster boxes with a better pull rate for Mythical heroes and normal heroes, but this never encouraged me to buy an another Mythical Booster Box. You can read my initial thoughts on the Mythical release here.

I cannot fault the release of Kindred, the Booster boxes had been reduced back down to 24 Packs per box from the 40 per box that Mythical had. This I think was a great decision and allows for the sales of booster packs to be more manageable for players and retailers. The new pre-constructed decks were a very welcome addition to the wave allowing new players to buy a deck and learn with the new rules instead of playing with the starter decks and old rules. The new Kindred booster packs now contain 12 cards giving players more cards for there money over the 9 cards per pack with Awakening and the 10 cards per pack with Mythical. You can never go wrong getting more cards for your money.

There are only 6 reprinted cards you can get from booster packs, there were meant to be 8 total but an error before release meant that Tantosian Blacksmith and Weapon Master were never reprinted. Although I don’t like reprinted cards, they are 6 of the rare exclusive cards from the starter decks. This means that they don’t often show up when opening packs and when they do it’s ok because they are needed to make a full playset.

I attended the Heroic Starfish launch party where I opened 2 Kindred boxes for myself. It was so refreshing opening a new wave of cards and almost all of them where new cards that I didn’t own. I have opened another box since then as well as all the pre-constructed decks and I am still a fair few cards short of owning 1 of each card from kindred. This does not at all bother me as I still have the buzz inside of me to trade and compete for the cards I am missing. Something I didn’t really have from Mythical as after buying just one box I was able to trade with a friend the next day until the only cards I needed were heroes.

Pre-Constructed Decks

So something I was fairly pleased about is the release of the new decks. I did buy all of the new decks and played a few games before separating them out into my collection and they were not for me. I do think they are a good example of decks to show players how the new family mechanic work. The issue I found though is that there was a serious lack of power within the decks. I found that you had to play the decks in fairly specific ways and you had to rely on the family mechanic. Failing to do so would result in defeat or a stalemate. On several occasions I found myself loosing because I ran out of cards. This is not something that was an issue with the starter decks. Because these decks depended so much on the family mechanics, I came to realise you needed to draw the right cards in the right order for the deck to come into its own element. I found these decks far too inconsistent and I can never see them competing well in tournaments. I don’t think these are bad decks and are good for casual play and learning, but as a competitive player, I can’t see these competing with some of the power decks from last season.

The Family Mechanic

The family mechanic is what this entire wave of cards was about. The introduction of a new card mechanic which was aimed to give the game more depth and produce new and complex playstyles in the game. I do think that this has been achieved however, this mechanic is not as powerful as I was expecting. I thought that I could create an entire deck around 1 or 2 families just like the pre-constructed decks and create a new dynamic of power. But after attempting several family decks I couldn’t seem to create a family deck that could compete at a higher level. I’ve tried to keep fairly vigilant within the community for family decks and see if one can show some force but I am yet to find such a deck. This has to lead me to building decks, disregarding the new family mechanic and seeing what I could make out of some of the other non-family cards. But I soon found I couldn’t do this either as the family mechanic may be utilised by my future opponents meaning I could be victim to the family mechanic without knowing it.deluge drifter An example of one of these cards is Deluge Drifter. If my opponent played this card, I could be stopped from playing damage reduction or healing cards. Although this is just a small scenario it’s almost negligible for now. When next season is underway and there is more of an idea for the meta that is being played, cards like these might become more of a threat or used as a good defence strategy. In my more recent deck building sessions, I have found myself looking into families at the end of building my deck and seeing what families I have and what could be buffed by utilising the mechanic. Sometimes there is nothing that could be added to help. But every now and then I will get a deck that can be made better by using the mechanic and potentially show promise in the future.

The Cards

Kindred contains 291 new cards. The sheer quantity of cards alone is quite intimidating and has taken me a while to memorise and study the new cards. I am still looking at the new cards and seeing how they work well together and how they work well with older cards. There is a lot of promise with the new cards but I will be honest and say that I have had a hard time replacing some of the older cards for newer ones. It’s hard to see how most of the new cards will fit in existing or new decks. Although this seems an issue. I have found myself using more kindred cards as the weeks have gone by. But with some niche cards, I can’t help but feeling there is an untapped potential in the new cards and the family mechanic that is yet to be discovered. I could talk about the cards I think are great and the cards I think suck but then this would be a very different post.

ArcmossI can’t talk about the new cards without talking about heroes. In kindred, there are 7 heroes per order, this is less than previous waves of cards but its a nice change as a lot of heroes don’t see play and heroes are normally harder to collect. Reducing the number of heroes was a welcome change. Although I don’t have all the heroes yet I do have a lot of them and made a few decks with them. I found myself in the same dilemma where its hard for me seeing the new Kindred heroes replacing the older ones. This is more of an issue of needing to break bad habits. That said I can only see a small handful of heroes that might be able to compete against top decks like Dolo and Cassini in tournaments. The hero I see with the most potential is Arcmoss of Moondell. Although I haven’t had much success myself this hero will upset any deck that heavily relies on its heroes trait. This could easily slow down Sicario, weaken Granite and mess up most of the opponents game.

downloadThey are also 9 new mythical heroes, as I predicted, filling the remaining slots for each combination of 2 orders. Only 1 of these heroes have a trait which depends on the family mechanic, Farapang. I love the new Mythical heroes and show a lot of hope for deck building. I personally love building decks for Mythical heroes and could spend days making new strategies and plays for just one of them. My favourite Kindred Mythical hero I have played with is Grand Architect Halvar. A cross between Tech and Astral has always been a desire of mine and Halvar has achieved this perfectly. From the moment this card was revealed I knew this was the number 1 mythic I wanted. The decks I have made with Halvar suit my personal play style perfectly and has shown me to be one of the most aggressive decks yet.

Still Not In the App

So I may as well address the elephant in the room. Kindred cards are still not playable in the app. I do understand the frustration as I do believe it is an effective way to test decks. But I have seen a lot of people complaining that they can’t make decks and play Kindred without the app. Although for some people this may be the case, I have enjoyed sitting down again with my cards and making physical decks. Given the choice, I would choose physical cards over the app any day. I missed the day hanging around with friends for a day and spend the day making and playing decks. With the app that has pretty much gone most people rather sit at home and play on the app instead. This has also allowed for players to try there hand again at taking new cards and making new decks without the chance of net decking and showing what their deck building skills are. Next week I am attending the Heroic Starfish tournament where there is expected to be 30+ players. I can’t wait to see what deck people will play with. Everyone is going in pretty blind and this will be the first real insight into Kindred cards

As always if you wish to purchase some new Kindred cards you can go to HeroicStarfish.Com for all of your Lightseekers needs.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as I will be posting tournament reports, deck lists and more.


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