Heroic Starfish Tournament: The Winning Deck List

Saturday marked my first real tournament win. I have won 2 in the past but there were fewer people competing then I had fingers on one hand. This was still a small tournament but with 8 experienced players, so I’m counting it. This post is the list I used and why I decided to use this deck. I have written a detailed tournament report which is posted on HeroicStarfish.com and you can read that report here.

This deck came from Carl’s Zuna deck I played with the week before at PFHQ. I fell short at that event coming 9th place just falling short of the top 8. For this tournament, I couldn’t lend the same deck as the week prior and I knew it as going to be a small tournament so I wanted a bit of fun. I decided to go with a Zuna deck again as it did fairly well for me the week before and I wanted to try out a few changes to counter what I thought would be the meta.

Zuna Deck list

Friday night I sat down with my collection and just started pulling the must-have cards. Portable turret is an Item that I often use when I play with Tempuz, mainly for the superior Explosives but the 2 damage when I am below 15 also helps so I added that in. I also added in a Forge Wall and A Storm Shell. Now I know some of you readers may be thinking why did I carry 3 different Items when I can only play 2 at a time. This is a small strategy I actually saw my fellow starfish Cosmo with one of his infinite Ushi decks as he added in a tempest rod as a 3rd item to win mirror matches. I tried 3 items in the app a few times and it really seems to pay off being prepared for different situations. I didn’t carry any Tantosin Blacksmiths though as none of the Items are needed for a strong win. So out of the standard list of Combos, most Zuna decks have I swapped an Anti-Magic Pulse for a Nitro Heal. Although main decking a Nitro heal paid off, moving Anti-Magic Pulse to my side deck was a bad idea. I would main Anti-Magic Pulse and side Quantum Loop. I made sure to main a Blast-Fuelled Battery as I often find myself with a hand that is less than ideal. Blast-Fuelled Battery gave a nice refresh to my hand when needed and can be pulled out of the deck with the use of Chrono Angler or Time-Shifter. Speaking of, I carried only 2 Time-Shifters instead of 3. Ideally, you play Time-Shifter into Chrono Angler to play a card of the bottom of my deck but I often found that I would draw a Chrono Angler or 2 anyway so the Time-Shifter becomes less useful. My side deck was trash it worked when needed but I forgot Crushing Chargers, Kreebal Jesters and Battleborn Oppressors.

Zuna Side Deck list

I didn’t test this deck online before the tournament. I was just winging it when I made the deck and just wanted some fun. This deck did me very well and was 3-1 after the Swiss rounds and got lucky with the pairings for the top 4 and came out with the win.


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